Shopping for Electronics

Be aware when shopping for electronics this holiday season or any time that a lot of things you see for sale are actually vendor-badged versions of some generic item sold by Chinese or other manufacturers. So there could be huge price swings for basically the same thing. Multiple products that share same internal components An

The Wawa Failure

Wawa announced in December 2019 that they had a data security breach. Unfortunately this is not really big news these days. They say they are sorry, offer free security monitoring service for a year, some people will have their cards compromised and spend countless hours trying to address it, and everyone shrugs until the next

Google Chrome Updated

Chrome “Zero Day” Exploit Disclosed

A “Zero Day” vulnerability is when a computer weakness is publicized and known bad actors are already exploiting it to take over computers. A critical one for the Chrome Browser was published on 31 October 2019. Multiple Vulnerabilities in Google Chrome Could Allow for Arbitrary Code Execution (article published 31 October 2019) New Google Chrome

Multi-layered Approach to Security for the Win!

An uncomfortable aspect of this business is not wanting to scare potential clients into signing up by talking about potential threats to their business. It makes me feel like a sleazy burglar alarm salesman. But the risk out there is real. We provide ransomware protection using a multiple-layered approach. We’ve partnered with a varied number