An uncomfortable aspect of this business is not wanting to scare potential clients into signing up by talking about potential threats to their business. It makes me feel like a sleazy burglar alarm salesman. But the risk out there is real.

We provide ransomware protection using a multiple-layered approach. We’ve partnered with a varied number of vendors to protect against ransomware. No single solution is 100% effective, so layering multiple protections provides a substantial reduction in risk exposure.

Your business is at risk. Simple Anti-Virus is not enough.

Our multi-layered approach includes enhanced anti-virus with malware protection, network perimeter protection, aggressive filtering that runs on each PC that can block malware from even getting to a PC, threat hunting detection if it still gets past all else, and finally local backup appliances with ransomware detection and cloud based backups for your backups so if everything else fails and you need to get your data back it’s stored safely in multiple places.

Think of it like having locks on your door, with a burglar alarm, scary sounding dog, and “Home Alone” booby traps if they get past all of that.

All of this costs less than you might expect, but the cost of failure quite often means the end of an entire company. 😞

Ransomware Cyberattacks Knock Baltimore’s City Services Offline