Frequently Asked Questions

What services are included in the contract?

  • Monthly on site half-day visit to address any issues, meet with staff and leadership, get feedback.
  • Routine help desk calls within agreed upon hours
    (after hours on a best effort basis)
  • Anti-Virus software (PC only)
  • Anti-Malware software (PC only)
  • Threat Detection software (PC only)
  • Administration Privilege Management Software (PC only)
  • Remote management software
  • Desktop and Server monitoring
  • Firewall configuration and monitoring
  • Backup software for any servers
  • Backup monitoring
  • Configuration and setup of new or replacement desktop computers.
    (If purchased through us)
  • Phone system and service (optional)
  • Support for Windows and common office applications
  • Documentation
  • On site visits if needed
  • Quarterly Business Review and/or meeting with company leadership

What services are an extra cost?

  • Cloud backup storage space
  • Network wiring
  • File sharing, sync service (secure Dropbox replacement)
  • One off projects negotiated on a per-project basis in advance
  • Office moves or changes
  • Non-client owned equipment
  • Hardware purchased elsewhere without pre-approval
  • Server upgrades
  • Emergency on site response
    (examples, unexpected power failure, critical equipment failure, etc). 
  • Website hosting, page creation, and site maintenance¬†
  • Assistance with migrating to a different provider
    • Please note: we will fully cooperate with any transition to a new provider

What services are not covered due to being provided by a different provider?

  • Printer support (unless negotiated)
  • Phones and phone service unless added on as a service option
    (please ask us for details)
  • “Line of Business” apps (usually supported by vendor)
    • Example of apps might include accounting software, manufacturing software, or CRMs (customer relationship management)