How can a Managed Service Provider improve your business?

The Traditional Model

Traditional IT service providers operate on a “break–fix” basis. This means the customer doesn’t pay unless something breaks. The IT company then fixes it, charges an hourly fee, and the both of you don’t interact again until something else breaks. They may do routine maintenance (like a car getting an oil change) for an additional fee.

However, this approach puts the provider and the client at odds. If the provider is only paid when there is a problem, then there is no incentive to provide clients with effective, long-term solutions. Even providers with strong ethics will often suggest additional work that needs to be done (preventative maintenance), for an hourly fee. This type of relationship doesn’t cultivate trust between the provider and the client.

Also, this type relationship can cause a decrease in productivity. Employees must justify each call to the provider, since services rendered are billable each call. This creates a workplace where solutions are avoided until absolutely critical. The obvious issue with this approach is that productivity will decrease as long as a problem remains unsolved.

A Better Way – The Managed Service Approach

With a fixed monthly fee, the client and the provider have the same goal — smooth operation, solution-based care, minimal issues, and productive employees. Why? Look at it this way: a provider minimizes their costs by ensuring the client has reliable, easy–to–use systems. Furthermore, the provider has an incentive to help the company with their growing needs while keeping costs low and ensuring robust security. A thriving client is a thriving provider. Contact us here to learn more.

Why Not Just Hire Someone?

Having just a single IT person puts your company at great risk. No matter how good they are, or how well they document, whenever they leave your company the transition to a new IT person can cause great risk to your business. That person takes all of their knowledge with them, along with access controls. If they leave on bad terms, the risk is even greater.

At Weave DOT Guru you will get the benefit of a team of highly qualified personnel who will learn how your business operates and document the IT portion of it. We also pride ourselves in making it easy for you to quit us. If you decide to go with a new provider, we will work closely with them to ensure a smooth transition (an hourly labor charge is applicable to this extra work, but only actual time is charged).

You will be assigned a primary tech as well as a dedicated voice and text number for interaction with that tech. This number will be unique to your company. If for some reason that tech is not available to take your call or answer your text at that moment, the call or text will forward to another person. We don’t want you to be stuck talking to a voicemail system if at all possible.