Wawa announced in December 2019 that they had a data security breach. Unfortunately this is not really big news these days. They say they are sorry, offer free security monitoring service for a year, some people will have their cards compromised and spend countless hours trying to address it, and everyone shrugs until the next massive breach.

What shocks me most about this one is that it was malware that infected their systems, and remained undetected from March until December.

No system is 100% safe, which is why a multi-layered approach to security is vital. On our multi-step security model, Wawa not only failed in the first two levels, but level three was also a failure for all intents and purposes. Early detection is important for this reason. That malware sat on their systems undetected for nine months as it harvested millions of credit card transactions.

weave DOT guru provides protection at all levels. Since prevention is such an important level, we provide multiple measures to help stop a compromise before it happens. Please contact us and let us show you how we can help make your company more secure.